Research and Strategy Consultant living in Brooklyn.

Researcher and Strategist with a background in product design. I help teams leanly test their hypotheses and assumptions, learn about their customers, and distill findings into actionable insights.

I'm currently working on operational tools with international bikeshare company, Motivate, and exploring new product opportunities with Citi Bank. Prior to this work, I led research to inform the redesign of Cox Telecommunication's internet self-install kit.

I've also had the pleasure of working with The New York Times, ICANN, Goldman Sachs, PayPal, Citi Bank, VICE Media, the Singaporean government, Priceline, Cox Telemcommunications, Pitney Bowes, OkCupid, Amplify, and TechStars, among others.

You can find me on Linkedin if you'd like to work together.

Self-Install Kit

Self-Install kits on display in retail.

The Project

When a customer signs up for internet with up Cox Telecommunications, they have can have a technician set up their internet or they can do it themselves with the use of a Self-Install kit. Cox wanted to increase the success rates and the overall ease of using the kit so they hired us to help them understand the existing end to end user journey, and to identify near term improvements and future states for the experience.

Duration and My Role

I led research for a team of four, co-led our client relationship and contributed to strategy. I worked in collaboration with a strategist, a team of designers, a project manager.

Research Methods

Stakeholder interviews, sales and support call listening, retail observation and interception, ethnographic observation, contextual inquiry/In home in depth user interviews, expert interviews, usability testing, design prototype testing, quantitative scoring, user personas, generative ideation, journey mapping

Close up of the unboxed modem that comes in the self-install kit.

Leading my team in field research distillation.

Ideation workshop.

Bikeshare Operations

A mechanic organizing bikes in the Gowanus depot.

The Project

To understand existing operations and to identify opportunity for improvement; to gauge reaction to prototypes, to conceive of and to usability test new solutions.

My Role

I work in collaboration with a product manager and his team on developers to conduct research, strategy and product design.

Research Methodos

Participant observation, Contextual Inquiry, Tangential analysis, Design provocation testing, Paper prototyping, Expert interviews, Stakeholder interviews, Participatory Design, Usability Testing

Physical and digital tools in the depot.

Physical and digital tools in the depot.

A mechanic organizing bikes in the Gowanus depot.

Content Management

Homepage curation, one of many new CMS features built based on research insights.

The Project

To understand editorial and video workflows across 12 verticals and 32 different offices and touchpoints for the new content management system, to inform new features and a relaunch of international workflows.

My Role

I led research, strategy and product design.

Research Methods

Contextual Inquiry, Participant observation, Secondary research, Expert interviews, Stakeholder interviews, Concept mapping, Design provocation testing, Participatory Design, User flows, UX Design, Usability Testing

Conducting an in person user interview with one of our video staffpersons.

Me on a remote user research call with one of our video staff as she walked me through her workflows and discussed video distribution taxonomies.

Mobile Insights

Screenshot from a remote user interview conducted through Validately.

The Project

To learn about existing mobile user behavior and needs, to gauge their reaction to new features and concepts, and to inform the mobile product roadmap.

My Role

I led research and collaborated with the product team to help them adjust their roadmap based on research insights.

Research Methods

Analyzing app store reviews and other customer feedback, Stakeholder interviews, In depth user interviews, Problem statement hypothesis testing with quantitative scoring, Design provocation testing

The ad we ran on Instagram to drive readers to our survey.

The ad we ran on Facebook to drive users to our survey.

The survey response data, exported from Typeform and color coded by different user types within our target market.

Factoring research insights into quarterly planning.