Hi, I'm Raven. I breathe Donald Norman, speak Danish modern and have "Dieter Rams" tattooed on the back of my eye lids.

I have this great job where I get to learn about people, what they're trying to do in life, and how I can make that easier for them.

I'm a member of international consulting, design and engineering firm Neo. I also teach, speak, write and occasionally freelance.

You can email me at ravenjkeller@gmail.com or say hi on Twitter.

Rediscovering Old San Francisco

A newspaper goes out of business in SF and donates their entire collection of newsworthy unpublished photos to the Public Library. They're online but there's no easy way to browse them. Enter: OldSF.org

I was responsible for designing, prototyping and writing a fair bit of the markup for OldSF.org.

A platform for the DNS community

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, came to Neo with the primary objective of more deeply engaging community newcomers.

In collaboration with ICANN leadership, we kicked off the project with business and user need assumptions.

We launched ICANN Labs, a space for exploring solutions to various conversion, learning, discovery and communication bottlenecks. We did customer development and usability testing with new and established members of the community to iterate and revise our projects.

Over the course of ten months we built the new ICANN.org and continue to iterate on the site.

I was responsible for customer development research planning and facilitation and leading interaction design. I interfaced with the client on policy and public comment features and also contibuted to the styleguide as well as product, content writing and front-end development.

My New logo for myICANN, the logged in and personalized ICANN experience

Prototyping for Loyalty

In an industry that's become increasingly transparent, Priceline is struggling to maintain a loyal user base. I spent five months in-house with their Lab team to prototype and experiment with potential solutions to mobile and desktop user experience, conversion and loyalty challenges.

Designing for the physical world

In high school I started my first business, a women's clothing company using vintage and recycled materials.

I designed and sewed the clothes myself - first in my bedroom and later in my college dormroom. I learned pattern design by taking apart my favorite garments to see how they were constructed.

In 2013 I decided to do the same with shoes. I deconstructed a few favorite pairs of vintage sandals that I'd picked up at a flea market in Paris.

From the unstitched pieces I developed patterns and then made some paper prototypes. I modified those to get the right fit before cutting the pieces out of leather.

My next step is to find a well-ventilated workshop for assembly!

From my travels

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