Raven is a freelance UX Strategist living in Brooklyn.

She has 5 years of experience gathering insights around complex problems, and translating them into simple, effective solutions.

She began freelancing in December of 2016, after 2 years at The New York Times. Among her work there, she led design and co-led research for Publisher's Award winning proprietary analytics tool, Stela, and for the Best Sellers list redesign. She worked with editors to evolve the Times' first responsive, structured data framework, which powers section fronts like T Magazine, and has contributed to research and exploration for new product opportunities.

Prior to The Times she spent a year and a half doing research, design and lean validation at Neo, a consultancy led by the authors of O'Reilly Lean UX. Her projects there included research and prototyping for the admin side of the Singaporean Government's online work permit process, policy process and tools for ICANN.org, shipping and mailing flows for Pitney Bowes' Canadian mailing offerings, Amplify's lesson planning tools for K-2 teachers, and UX for Taprootplus.org.

She also worked with Priceline for several months to redefine their post-purchase user account experience (My Trips), and launched a side project called OldSF.org which makes for easy exploration of the San Francisco Public Library's digital photo collection.

Her teaching experience includes instructing User Experience Design at General Assembly and Ideation and Interation Design workshops with Cooper. She wrote curriculum for DesignLab's activity-based UX course, and mentors DesignLab students for both this course and another on UX Strategy and Research.

You can write to her at ravenjkeller@gmail.com.