Hi, I'm Raven. I'm obsessed with finding simple, human-centered solutions to complex problems.

As part of international consulting team, Neo, I work closely with my clients to sort out business and user needs, to rank major risks to success and to run lean experiments for early validation.

I also teach a User Experience Design course at General Assembly.

You can email me at ravenjkeller@gmail.com or say hi on Twitter.

“You teach me, I forget. You show me, I remember. You involve me, I understand.” - Edward O. Wilson

I co-instruct a 12-week General Assembly User Experience Design course built around participatory learning and practical application.

The curriculum covers principles of usability, wireframing, prototyping to think and communicate, usability testing, presentation and iterating based on feedback.

Students learn and practice through completion, presentation and iteration of three 4-week projects.

I'm responsible for collaborating on an overhaul of the curriculum, in response to past student requests for more hands on learning and feedback.

Rediscovering Old San Francisco

A newspaper goes out of business in SF and donates their entire collection of newsworthy unpublished photos to the Public Library. They're online but there's no easy way to browse them. Enter: OldSF.org

I was responsible for designing, prototyping and writing most of the markup for OldSF.org.

A platform for the DNS community

ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, came to us with the primary objective of better engaging newcomers, to increase the likelihood that they'd become active members of their domain name commuinty.

In collaboration with ICANN executives, we kicked off the project with business and user need assumptions exercises and a design studio to assess our risks and priorities. The solution we roughly laid out was turning their static content site into an interactive platform with a revised content strategy and much less jargon.

We launched ICANN Labs, a space for exploring solutions to various conversion bottlenecks. Our experiments drew in both early and core ICANN members for customer development and usability testing.

Over the course of ten months we built and continue to iterate on the new ICANN.org

I responsible for leading interaction design, as well as doing customer development research, and interfacing with the client on policy and public comment features. I also developed the styleguide and branding elements, contributed to product, content writing and front-end development.

My New logo for myICANN, the logged in and personalized ICANN experience

Prototyping for Loyalty

In an industry that's becoming increasingly transparent, Priceline is struggling to maintain a loyal user base. I spend five months with them in-house, prototyping potential solutions to mobile and desktop user experience, conversion and retension challenges.

Designing for the physical world

In high school I started my first business, a women's clothing company where I designed the patterns and made the clothes by hand. Nowadays I mostly just sew buttons back on, but I have taken an interest in making shoes. So far I've done some research on shoes construction - by deconstructing lovely vintage shoes - and patterns - by sketching and paper prototyping various designs.

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