"I brought Raven on to help us with a huge research project. I was super impressed before we even started the project, and even more impressed after. She delivered us with invaluable research that will shape the future of this company, and I would hire her for another project in a heartbeat."

Zach Linder | Product Lead, Sotheby's Home

"Raven jumped in to help us at N26 in New York on early phase research for our launch in the US. It was a compressed timeline, but she was able to get well immersed in the content in no time at all, and conducted two rounds of very effective research. The team came away with insights and direction, but also an appreciation for how user research can help shape product strategy. It was a pleasure collaborating with her!"

Shruti Ramiah | Head of Research, N26

"Raven worked at Motivate for the better part of a year, helping us redesign our suite of operations tools from the ground up. She worked with our internal customers to understand their problems and help define a conceptual framework for the work they do and how the tools fit together. She then worked with product to help design the interfaces and collaborated with engineering on successive iteration cycles. Her thoughtful work made a lasting impact on our operations, which will be felt long after her contract ended."

Dan Fried | Engineering Manager, Motivate (now Lyft Bikes & Scooters)